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"We believe that we all thrive
when our brand values align
with our personal core values."

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Founded in New York City, 2013.

our Company

Collaboration + Communication. 


Alt Creative is a full-package creative agency, built on The Fashion Formula™, an entrepreneurial roadmap coined by Alt in 2013. From the initial idea to a fully developed product, we collaborate with each client to bring their creative vision to life. We are committed to providing a space for fashion entrepreneurs to start the business of their dreams and thrive.

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Hi guys! I am Lindsey Alt, the founder, and CEO of Alt Creative Agency and if you're here that means you are probably thinking about launching a creative business! I can't wait to meet you and learn about your big idea. Let me tell you a little about my journey.

I started Alt Creative Agency after working for six years in fashion trend forecasting with major retailers all over the globe.  I have been invited to speak in Shanghai, Milan, New York, and Los Angeles and have worked with brands in places as far as Moscow, Russia.  


For me, the idea of leaving my job and starting my own business seemed impossible. Entrepreneurship felt like a wide-open road with no directions. I realized that my own struggles in the start-up world meant that millions of other people were probably going through the same thing. So, I change my business idea completely and create The Fashion Formula, our trademarked methodology that provides a simple roadmap to successfully launch a fashion business; one that has generated millions for our clients all over the world! Today our agency is based in Guadalajara, Mexico where we are dedicating 100% of our efforts to supporting fashion entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses and bring their product to life.


Meet The Founder


An essential part of bringing a project to fruition is having a solid working process.


​The Fashion Formula™

At Alt Creative Agency we take pride in collaborating closely with our clients, to precisely understand their business needs and allow them to be in control of shaping their outcomes. We built the "The Fashion Formula™" because we believe it is the most comprehensive roadmap leading from the first steps of how you "Define" your brand to the final "Delivery" of your product to the client.




Define your brand's value proposition and core DNA.

Establish your brand's core values and mission along side the fundamental pillars of operation. 




Design a product at the intersection of your DNA and the market demand.

Translate your authentic story into a tangible product or service at the intersection of the market's demand.




Develop your brand's product strategy and network of suppliers.

Secure your product offering through clear and conscience pricing structuring and supplier relationships.




Deliver your brand's product or service to the desired market.

Present your final product or service to your client with a clear Go-To-Market Strategy. 

Want to know more about how we can work together and use The Fashion Formula for your big idea?


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